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Incinerate Games is an independent game developer of mobile games founded in 2015 and located in Las Vegas, NV.

Las Vegas NV - Incinerate Games, located in fabulous Las Vegas, announced today the release of its first mobile game, Zombie Chopper, an irreverent endless runner style game where players stave off the zombie apocalypse by running down the evil legion with a chopper motorcycle.

“We’ve seen a lot of endless runner games out there but none quite like Zombie Chopper,” said the game’s producer, “and with the popularity of TV shows like The Walking Dead and Ash vs Evil Dead, I’m surprised we’re one of the first.”

The player can steer the motorcycle by either tapping left or right on the device’s screen, or by selecting the option to use tilt sensors built into all current generation smartphones and tablets.

“I especially like the tilt controls,” he said, “because it gives me feeling of finer control over steering. It’s more immersive. And the play mechanic is super simple; run down zombies, steer carefully to avoid becoming pavement pizza, and outlast your friends. Best of all, players will never have to spend a penny to play this game.”

The game is free to play and generates revenue by allowing players to keep their kill-count for the next zombie chopper run if they watch an ad.

Zombie Chopper™ is available now for Android tablets and smartphones in the Google Play Store, and available soon for iPhones and iPads in the Apple App Store.

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